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Free $200: FUTU Moomoo Sign-Up Rewards

While they may be new to the Singapore market, with the deal they are offering, Moomoo is making quite a splash! With eye-catching marketing campaigns, it’s not hard to see why this is becoming a widely used app.

Moomoo has a fantastic sign-up incentive currently underway. Free shares from a top company we all know, Apple! A little goes a long way, and by opening an account, depositing $2700, and successfully completing 5 trades, you get a free share from Apple worth $200.

By signing up for Moomoo now, you get the following rewards:

1 Free Apple Share Giveaway

You will obtain one free Apple share if you met the conditions below:

Condition (i): Sign up for your Futu SG Securities account using this link.

Condition (ii): Deposit funds of at least SGD 2,700 within 30 days of opening the account.

Condition (iii): Make 5 completed trades in any market (US, SG, or HK) within 60 days of the first deposit.

Within a few minutes, you will be able to complete the 5 trades using your 180 days commission-free trading reward and meet the condition needed to get your Apple share without any capital outlay!

Not to mention the additional benefits using Moomoo brings:

  • 180 days of commission-free trading: This means that the money you make is yours, and you pay no levies for buying or selling stock.

  • A brilliant user interface: Moomoo uses a wide array of features that are user-friendly and very interactive.

  • Ease of funds transfer: You can transfer and top-up funds within 25 minutes using the Moomoo app.


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